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 photo DSCF5810.jpg

believe it or not, this was our attempt to visit the science centre last week. yes, the science centre that nobody goes to anymore. nobody of our age group, at least.

till today, i don’t know what was the exhibition D wanted me to see, but i believe it was a good one, or it won’t be so crowded. i mean, this is the science centre we are talking about okay, at jurong east, and not even that near the train station, so there won’t be any other reason for the crowd lah, yeah the exhibition must be good, hahaha!

having said all that, though, we decided not to enter the exhibition in the end because the place was closing, and i had dog-sitting duties that evening, and couldn’t bear to leave nemo alone at home without food for too long, hahaha. okay that’s all to my very pointless, anti-climatic post.



​​tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
creeps in this petty pace from day to day
to the last syllable of recorded time,
and all our yesterdays have lighted fools
the way to dusty death.
out, out, brief candle!

life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
that struts and frets his hour upon the stage
and then is heard no more: it is a tale
told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.

of lights and colours

 photo crazy dave.jpg

why does dave look so excited?

here’s why:

 photo 20170331_190700.jpg

the long awaited coldplay concert!!!

 photo coloured lights.jpg photo 20170331_211820.jpg photo 20170331_200650.jpg

it was my second time going to a live concert; my first one being fun. at sentosa, which made a good virgin concert experience btw, as you can read from here.

i know i said before i don’t queue for no shit, but i thought i would make this time an exception, it being coldplay and all. took us a whole morning of sitting-at-the-edge-of-seat and fingers-and-toes-crossed to get the online tickets, and this was followed by months of restless waiting before the day finally arrived.

worth every minute and every cent spent, me say.

the concert turned out to be shorter than expected, with no encore, or any demand for encore, strangely. people just obediently filed out of the stadium when the band said it was the end. in fact, there were some seasoned concert-goers who were already halfway through the doors before the end of the last song, knowing that there would be serious human traffic jam after.

anywaysss, sorry about the substandard photos. i had to use my phone, having left my camera in the car because i was a concert noob (yes, still a noob) who was afraid that they wouldn’t allow cameras and make me queue up for a locker to stow it.

in any case, forget about the photos, your social media was probably bombarded with loads of them those two days when the concert took place, no? so i guess you would have known that the concert was max dope, and we had a totally rad time.

yap, all in all, my second live concert has been a huge win, so yay!

incredible india

i had always wanted to explore an indian city for its rich colours, unique culture, interesting people, and distinct food and flavours. but because of limited time i usually have there, and also safety issues, this had remained on my bucket list for the longest time, until recently when i was given a golden opportunity to do a mumbai flight that allowed me to fly back as a passenger, thus freeing up my time there to do a quick tour in the city, woot!

it is my pleasure to report that mumbai did not disappoint, not at all. scroll on and you will see why!

 photo DSCF4369.jpg

my view from the hotel room on the 21st floor. one of the views, actually, because i had the corner room, which is usually bigger, and in this particular case, the room is L-shaped, with windows ALL AROUND.

as you can see from the picture, it was a rare occasion where the roads were not congested, but then again, this was quite early in the morning on a sunday.

 photo DSCF4373.jpg

first stop of our tour – dhobi ghat, a well-known open-air “laundromat” in mumbai. linen and clothes from the city’s hotels and hospitals are sent here to be washed, which is done alongside children nonchalantly hopping from roof to roof, residents showering right there in the open (the two that we saw had shorts on, fortunately), and families having their meals by the drains; all these under the curious stares of an almost non-stop flow of tourists and visitors at the top of the bridge that overlooks the area.

someone joked that if we were lucky, we might see a kebaya or two swinging in the wind too; our hotels provide free laundry service for our uniforms, and most of us are more than happy to take up the offer.

next up, mani bhavan gandhi sangrahalaya, or simply, the ghandi museum.

 photo ghandi.jpg photo books.jpg photo DSCF4379.jpg

headquarters from where ghandi initiated many of his famous movements during his time in mumbai.

 photo DSCF4386.jpg photo DSCF4391.jpg photo temple.jpg

the babu amichand panalal jain temple, as beautiful as i imagine an indian temple to be.

this was followed by a late lunch at the famous leopold cafe.

 photo DSCF4398.jpg photo signs.jpg

when we arrived, it was at some odd timing like…4pm, but the restaurant was still packed with fellow tourists, as well as locals.

 photo IMG-20170312-WA0013.jpg

despite its iranian origins, and the western-looking facade and interior decor of the building, leopold has an extensive menu of the most superb indian food. pity they don’t have my favourite masala tea, but the chicken biryani i had made up for it.

the service was painfully slow though, and they forgot a few of our orders, but then again, it was crowded, and this is india we are talking about, hahaha.

on a more serious note, i later learned that leopold was one of the first sites of attack during the 2008 mumbai terrorist attack, where terrorists killed and injured many with fire, guns and grenades, before walking to the taj mahal palace hotel, their key target.

though it is said that signs of the attacks have been preserved, we didn’t see any, and would never have guessed that this cheerful restaurant so bustling with life has such a dark, scary past.

moving on, we headed for the long-awaited highlight of the tour, the gateway of india, located on a huge waterfront overlooking the arabian sea, with the taj mahal palace hotel just a stone’s throw away.

 photo build.jpg photo view.jpg photo DSCF4415.jpg

look at that boy checking me out from the left.

 photo IMG-20170312-WA0015.jpg photo IMG-20170312-WA0016.jpg

so much swag, hahaha!

 photo IMG-20170312-WA0014.jpg

that’s us with our driver/guide, whose name i already forgot, sorry.

as expected, too many visitors at the gateway, mostly locals, surprisingly. we enjoyed ourselves very much nevertheless, not only looking at the architecture but also observing the people.

shall end off the posts with pictures from the street.

 photo street.jpg photo indians.jpg photo indians 2.jpg photo DSCF4427.jpg photo DSCF4406.jpg photo DSCF4392.jpg

though the stay we had in india was still short, and the tour was also not that comprehensive, given that we chose the truncated version because of the little amount of time we had, i would say this is one of my favourite trips so far.

it is an item ticked off my bucket list, and for once, i got to step out of the hotel and see mumbai for myself. happy to say, it is as incredible as advertised, hahaha!

superheroes in sydney

this is a story from sydney some time last year.

my crew and i were on our way to the airport for the return leg of our sydney flight when we passed by the powerhouse museum, and posters of the art of the brick: DC comics exhibition caught my eyes.

i promised myself that i would check it out the next time i visited the city, and it was by the stroke of luck that it was still available, extended by popular demand in fact, a few months later when i did return.

tickets were not cheap, i remember, but it was worth it, especially for a fan of super heroes. the exhibition was created by legendary lego artist, nathan sawaya, and was said to be the biggest lego artwork collection ever to feature DC comics characters, using millions of lego bricks to create more than 120 almost life-size sculptures of the most enduring characters of the justice league and their nemeses.

not bad right? and also, the price included admission to the other parts of the museum lah. but hey, who cares about that? i was here for the ten galleries of the bravest heroes and darkest evil across time and age; no time for wishy-washy, dilly-dally milling about, looking at boring art hor.

 photo DSCF2044.jpg photo DSCF2070.jpg photo DSCF2050.jpg photo DSCF2057.jpg photo DSCF2065.jpg photo DSCF2075.jpg photo DSCF2081.jpg photo DSCF2097.jpg photo DSCF2093.jpg photo DSCF2082.jpg photo DSCF2084.jpg photo DSCF2105.jpg

nice right? took me all my willpower not to post more photos; better QC on this new blog, remember?

anyway, turned out i did have time for more exploration outside the DC universe after all, since i came to the museum very early in the morning, being the typical kiasu singaporean, haha.

 photo DSCF2113.jpg photo DSCF2115.jpg photo DSCF2128.jpg photo DSCF2130.jpg photo DSCF2112.jpg photo DSCF2110.jpg

a very fascinating museum, i have to say, with galleries of art works, science exhibits and history artefacts randomly thrown together. i was so immersed in it all that i didn’t even realise that it was already closing time when the staff member went around herding all of us stragglers (probably like me, all mentally lost in the eclectic collections) out of the museum.

hahaha…what a splendid day i had in sydney! 🙂

pieces of me

1 feb; anew

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2 feb; snug

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3 feb; LHR

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4 feb; wrapped

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5 feb; projector

 photo 5 feb.jpg

6 feb; family

 photo 6 feb.jpg

7 feb; ying yang

 photo 7 feb.jpg

8 feb; squad

 photo 8 feb.jpg

9 feb; meow

 photo 9 feb.jpg

10 feb; gold

 photo 10 feb.jpg

11 feb; adulting

 photo 11 feb.jpg

12 feb; summer

 photo 12 feb.jpg

13 feb; PER

 photo 13 feb.jpg

14 feb; take-off

 photo 14 feb.jpg

15 feb; rad

 photo 15 feb.jpg

16 feb; comfort

 photo 16 feb.jpg

17 feb; ICN

 photo 17 feb.jpg

18 feb; SAM

 photo 18 feb.jpg

19 feb; princess

 photo 19 feb.jpg

20 feb; just because

 photo 20 feb.jpg

21 feb; MUC

 photo 21 feb.jpg

22 feb; someone

 photo 22 feb.jpg

23 feb; deep thoughts

 photo 23 feb.jpg

24 feb; staple

 photo 24 feb.jpg

25 feb; chubs

 photo 25 feb.jpg

26 feb; history

 photo 26 feb.jpg

27 feb; hey you

 photo 27 feb.jpg

28 feb; marchin’ on

 photo 28 feb.jpg