brunch, birthday, and babies etc.

la la la! i just turned THE BIG 30!!!

but 30 is the new 20, haven’t you heard?

life is still chock-full of fun, friendship and occasionally, sprinkled with wonder and spontaneity too, in other words…COULDN’T BE BETTER, totally swimming in YAY!!!

 photo DSCF5755.jpg

like just the other day, some random weekday actually, vincent and i spent the afternoon taitai-ing away at orchard.

 photo 19832825_10212823749371598_1458165419_n.jpg

before an impromptu saturday dinner with the church crew, which wendy couldn’t attend because of her mission trip to myanmar, but no love lost, since we had…

 photo DSCF5822.jpg

an exclusive one-to-one dinner date the following friday, hoho! an early birthday treat for 老娘, so happy!

another early birthday gathering – a casual brunch with D’s old friends.

 photo DSCF5827.jpg
 photo ood.jpg
 photo random_1.jpg
 photo DSCF5835.jpg

a new branch of cafe melba at the new mediacorp premise, just as family-friendly as the one valerie and i went to at dakota, but with much better food, hiak hiak.

while the small kids got entertained by the bouncy castle, us big kids got entertained by the even smaller kids, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5825.jpg


 photo DSCF5826.jpg

we are obviously not ready for kids.

then as mentioned earlier, every other month should have a wedding or two to celebrate. i guess we have reached that other month already, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5814.jpg

samuel’s turn now!

 photo DSCF5812.jpg
 photo DSCF5811.jpg

judging from the amount of time, effort and money we spent on dolling up ourselves, you know how much we had looked forward to that big day, hahaha!

finally, with the little time i had left before embarking on my upcoming killer-weeks of non-stop, back-to-back flights, i also managed to squeeze in one last birthday celebration with my bffs.

 photo DSCF5854.jpg

featuring a very rich boss and sponsor, hahaha! look at all those ca$h in keryeongs hands, woot!

alright, that’s a quick update on my latest. photos from my celebrations with D shall come in later, like much later.

just to preempt you, i will be going on a short break from blogging now ok?! because 1) my parents bought me a new laptop for my birthday, and i have no time to properly set it up 😦 and 2) the next three weeks are going to be DAMN HECTIC because san francisco-seoul-auckland-london non-stop, yo!!!

see you later then, if i survive july, we will have so much to catch up on, so stay tuned! 😉


rendezvous part II

after our previous successful girls’ night out, here’s another spontaneous meet-up with gladys, driven by our late-night hunger, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5816.jpg

as you can see from the spread…really very hungry, hahaha!

upper bukit timah used to be the go-to place for us, west end kids, on weekend nights; a place for the squad to fall in together, many a time on rather last minute notice (and that’s the fun part!), to see and be seen, in shorts and slippers, drinking milo dinosaur late into the night, sometimes way beyond curfew, because recklessness is for the young, hahaha!

i don’t know at which point in time did upper bukit timah lose its appeal, and whether it is just for my friends and i, or for everyone else in my generation, but yeah, those late-night suppers are already a thing of the past, and i didn’t even notice what we’ve lost until this time when gladys and i came back to this street.

“i wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – andy, the office

time for friends IV

the month of may has really been nothing short of supreme, because i finally completed my goal of meeting up with some of my dearest friends.

 photo DSCF5740.jpg

first up, my bffs and i found time to meet up again, and on this occasion, on rather short notice, which was a miraculous feat by itself, given that the birthday boy, keryeong, has such crazy schedules.

we had dinner at a cafe he recommended, which was surprisingly well-received by us; this was already the second time that we were impressed by his choice of dinner venue, so it seems like he is getting more and more trendy, and i’m very proud of him, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5744.jpg

and then it was meet-the-parents session for the new addition to our JC crew – boyfriend of our baby of the group, amantha; oh how time has flown, it seems like only yesterday when we attended her 21st birthday party, and look, now she’s all grown up, bringing her boyfriend to show us and all! *wipe tears of joy*

and speaking of birthday parties, D and i ended off the week with two birthday celebrations on the same day.

 photo DSCF5753.jpg

D’s twin nephews turned one.

 photo DSCF5752.jpg

twins are the best!

 photo DSCF5751.jpg

though having an extra sister as a play mate is even better, of course!

 photo IMG-20170611-WA0005.jpg

and then in the evening, we celebrated vincent’s 21st. YES, MY BABY BROTHER HAS TURNED 21ST, OMG!!! i know i have said this before, but yes, it’s probably time i stop calling him my baby brother already.

 photo IMG-20170611-WA0008.jpg

see how even nemo looks so happy! though he’s like already 90 over years old in human years, and will probably find all these celebrations quite lame.

so yap, this is the last installation of my time for friends series. i hope i have proven my point that I HAVE FRIENDS, hahahaha!

here’s a recap of the other time for friends episodes!

time for friends I
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time for friends III

time for friends III

finally, time for time for friends III, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5725.jpg

caught up with my only friends from ntu. (i’m very selective about making friends, can?!)

 photo DSCF5728.jpg

had my regular HTHT session with my bestie, may.

 photo IMG-20170603-WA0000.jpg

and with one of my prettiest, old friends, jiaqi.

then of course, every other month should be adorned with a wedding or two.

 photo DSCF5730.jpg

 photo DSCF5739.jpg

this time round, of D’s friend.

i wish i could elaborate more on each occasion, because each one was with people who mean a lot to me, but i’m in frankfurt now, six hours behind singapore, which means i have essentially lost one night of sleep again, which means…I AM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!

my bed is calling out for me now, practically screaming actually.

so take this opportunity to check out my gatherings in the previous two weeks?

time for friends I
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time for friends II

here we go, more gatherings with some of my dearest over the past week. ❤

 photo group shot.jpg

 photo DSCF5513.jpg

 photo DSCF5507.jpg

it’s been a long time since we last had a birthday celebration, especially for the boys, because hmm…boys don’t do birthdays, i think? hahaha…which explains why we were late for samuel’s by three months, oops!

a few days later, i met up with the batchies for MOOKATA right here in our territory, cool beans clementi!!!

 photo DSCF5531.jpg

 photo DSCF5535.jpg

and surprisingly good gelato in the same neighbourhood, which is apparently, getting even more awesome sauce than usual!

and then, to end off this week’s episode of time for friends, here is a picture of the last gathering i had.

 photo DSCF5590.jpg

baby andre’s first birthday party! it was hmm…very lively, with many kids, again, if you know what i mean, hahaha!

okay, so that was before i made my long-overdue trip to amsterdam, which was yet another spectacular adventure! so stay tuned for more updates!

click here for time for friends I.

time for friends I

looking back at my blog updates in the past few weeks, it has suddenly come to my attention that it’s been a long time since i last did any socialisation, so i have lined up my next few weeks with loads of gatherings, woot!

firstly, i managed to get a time slot with my sp/ntu girlfriends!!! ❤

and we had the BESTEST steamboat dinner ever. it’s upin steamboat at clarke quay, a close knock-off of the acclaimed hai di lao, sans the queue.

from the variety of ingredients to soup choices to the taste of all the dishes to quality of service all the way right down to the selection of sauces – absolutely tip-top. *drool*

i know putting up pictures may deliver my point better, BUT that will only distract me from the real purpose of my post, which is…

 photo DSCF5488.jpg

i know i look pregnant, but nope, that’s just my food baby, hahahaha! i think i was quite clever to have chosen such a loose fitting dress for the evening, seeing how much i had wolfed down at dinner, hahahaha!

nothing beats sitting around a hot pot with my past comrades, with whom i have fought through countless school projects for four years. we talked about everything under the sun, from our individual career progress, to babies, and boys, to families, and other friends, to gossips about old school mates, and last of all, a course that angelynev recently signed up for, titled “communciation with spirits”.

so many questions came to my mind when she told us that, but it was a pity that we were already running out of time to further elaborate on the topic, argh! it’s alright, i guess that’s something to look forward to at our next meeting, which hopefully won’t have to wait another five months to materialise.

the next day, i had a date with wendy!

 photo DSCF5492.jpg

we had a rather disappointing lunch at adam road hawker centre, but dessert at atlas coffeeshop redeemed the afternoon for us, yay!

more importantly, we made full use of wendy’s two-hour lunch break, catching up with each another’s latest happenings, sharing stories from our marriage (five months for me vs. five years for her!), and exchanging our flying experiences.

so those were some highlights from the past few days, kicking off a series of gatherings with some of my closest friends in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 🙂

twinkle tricia turning one!!!

our most darling little boo, tricia, turned one!!!

i was sooo, sooo lucky that i got called up for a short turn to jakarta the day before, so that i could enjoy sunday off and attend her birthday partayyy!!!

 photo DSCF5474.jpg

how blessed we were just to be this close to our precious, haha! though judging by tricia’s face, the love was probably not mutual. 😦

 photo DSCF5475.jpg

then lucky aizat arrived just in time, and we could take this opportunity to have another round.

and then…after ten minutes or so, we realised jia ying was not present when we took the last two photos!!!

 photo DSCF5483.jpg


aww…look at that munchkin, how could we bear to make her go though another round of almost non-stop camera flashes!!!

 photo DSCF5484.jpg

actually we could, hahahaha! sorry ah, we need more photos for our whatsapp group, aka “TRICIA’S BIGGEST FANS”.

 photo DSCF5480.jpg

in exchange for that little extra air time with our superstar, we gotta keep her entertained; this time with a bunch of keys (her favourite used to be watches), hahaha! yay, our princess was appeased!!!

 photo scene 1.jpg

how easy to please!!! with that simple bunch of keys, she stayed relatively focused for most part of the whole birthday cake ritual.

 photo scene 2.jpg

though it might be a teeny weeny bit long for a baby’s attention span…

 photo scene 3.jpg

and tricia was understandably uninterested in the cake that she could not even eat…

but i think she was still quite cooperative lah…thanks to the bunch of keys, of course, hahaha!

what a great end to the week; nothing compares to being surrounded by my dear friends, and more importantly, seeing tricia again!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

saying goodbye

 photo DSCF5256.jpg

best games night ever, with fellow children of the lo’s.

to be honest, we are not the kind of siblings who HTHT all the time, or hang out together regularly, or even really talk to one another much. but i grew up with lawrance, and so we share a long history together, and countless childhood memories, while vincent and i have almost the exact same taste in tv shows and online humour, which often results in numerous inside jokes. 

all three of us also have a chat group named dogsitters, with a profile picture of nemo (of course), and it is usually the most active when my parents are overseas and we have to take turns to dogsit, hahaha!

i love my brothers, and care about them very deeply; i’m confident that it is the same for them. this is why saying goodbye to lawrance and lemin as they leave for their two-year stint in the states is rather hard, though at the same time, i do feel thrilled for them for their exciting new journey ahead.

 photo DSCF5334.jpg

life will never be the same without them.

 photo IMG-20170430-WA0000.jpg

last family dinner together with lemin’s family, the evening before the couple left. i’m glad i could have this with them, though it could have been better if i could send them off, but i had to work that night; it would probably be another two years before we can meet again. it doesn’t sound like a long time, but then again, so many things can happen in two years, don’t you think? kids, growing old, a different home, new jobs, maybe the war, who knows?

nevertheless, if there is anything in this world that can remain constant, it’s family, and i’m so glad that they are mine. ❤

photography challenge

this is inspired by pinterest, which is my current favourite time-filler app. (yes i know, i’m such a technology straggler, hahaha!)

30 photos for 30 days, each meeting a different theme.

i’ve played cheat a little though, collecting photos from the past too, or else i would NEVER finish this challenge like ever. and since i’m still keen on keeping my blog alive, so yes, anything to keep the updates going, man.

anyhoo, enough explanation, that’s so uncool. here we go!

day 1: self portrait

 photo 1. self portrait.jpg

blast from the past, where i still had long hair, and was feeling damn fly about it.

day 2: what you wore

 photo 2. what you wore.jpg

drop of sunshine.

day 3: clouds

 photo 3. clouds.jpg

with rainbow too.

day 4: something green

 photo 4. something green.jpg

though it was rather accidental.

day 5: after dark

 photo 5. after dark.jpg

singapore’s skyline.

day 6: obsession

 photo 6. obsession.jpg

i am not a crazy cat lady.

day 7: changes to come

 photo 7. changes to come.jpg

new ride, scarlet.

day 8: routine

 photo 8. routine.jpg

caffeine is evil.

day 9: someone you love

 photo 9. someone you love.jpg

now and forever.

day 10: childhood memory

 photo 10. childhood memory.jpg

only from hong kong.

day 11: something blue

 photo 11. something blue.jpg

for purity, love, and fidelity.

day 12: sunset

 photo 12. sunset.jpg

or maybe sunrise?

day 13: cannot live without

 photo 13. cannot live without.jpg

my better half.

day 14: eyes

 photo 14. eyes.jpg

here’s looking at you.

day 15: silhouette

 photo 15. silhouette.jpg

looking forward.

day 16: a good habit

 photo 16. a good habit.jpg

something to work on.

day 17: technology

 photo 17. technology.jpg

six years.

day 18: your shoes

 photo 18. your shoes.jpg

most expensive ones i have, and worth every cent.

day 19: something you want

 photo 19. something you want.jpg

a holiday, way overdue.

day 20: in your bag

 photo 20. in your bag.jpg


day 21: faceless portrait

 photo 21. faceless portrait.jpg

look me in the eye.

day 22: dream

 photo 22. dream.jpg

from yesteryear.

day 23: patterns

 photo 23. patterns.jpg

round and round.

day 24: animal

 photo 24. animal.jpg

leader of the pack.

day 25: strangers

 photo 25. strangers.jpg

still my favourite photo after all these years.

day 26: close-up

 photo 26. close-up.jpg

that hair.

day 27: celebration

 photo 27. celebration.jpg

of a new life together.

day 28: flowers

 photo 28. flowers.jpg

arrival of spring.

day 29: black and white

 photo 29. black and white.jpg

the safest place in the world.

day 30: self portrait

 photo 30. self portrait.jpg

hello, may, here we go!