brunch, birthday, and babies etc.

la la la! i just turned THE BIG 30!!!

but 30 is the new 20, haven’t you heard?

life is still chock-full of fun, friendship and occasionally, sprinkled with wonder and spontaneity too, in other words…COULDN’T BE BETTER, totally swimming in YAY!!!

 photo DSCF5755.jpg

like just the other day, some random weekday actually, vincent and i spent the afternoon taitai-ing away at orchard.

 photo 19832825_10212823749371598_1458165419_n.jpg

before an impromptu saturday dinner with the church crew, which wendy couldn’t attend because of her mission trip to myanmar, but no love lost, since we had…

 photo DSCF5822.jpg

an exclusive one-to-one dinner date the following friday, hoho! an early birthday treat for 老娘, so happy!

another early birthday gathering – a casual brunch with D’s old friends.

 photo DSCF5827.jpg
 photo ood.jpg
 photo random_1.jpg
 photo DSCF5835.jpg

a new branch of cafe melba at the new mediacorp premise, just as family-friendly as the one valerie and i went to at dakota, but with much better food, hiak hiak.

while the small kids got entertained by the bouncy castle, us big kids got entertained by the even smaller kids, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5825.jpg


 photo DSCF5826.jpg

we are obviously not ready for kids.

then as mentioned earlier, every other month should have a wedding or two to celebrate. i guess we have reached that other month already, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5814.jpg

samuel’s turn now!

 photo DSCF5812.jpg
 photo DSCF5811.jpg

judging from the amount of time, effort and money we spent on dolling up ourselves, you know how much we had looked forward to that big day, hahaha!

finally, with the little time i had left before embarking on my upcoming killer-weeks of non-stop, back-to-back flights, i also managed to squeeze in one last birthday celebration with my bffs.

 photo DSCF5854.jpg

featuring a very rich boss and sponsor, hahaha! look at all those ca$h in keryeongs hands, woot!

alright, that’s a quick update on my latest. photos from my celebrations with D shall come in later, like much later.

just to preempt you, i will be going on a short break from blogging now ok?! because 1) my parents bought me a new laptop for my birthday, and i have no time to properly set it up 😦 and 2) the next three weeks are going to be DAMN HECTIC because san francisco-seoul-auckland-london non-stop, yo!!!

see you later then, if i survive july, we will have so much to catch up on, so stay tuned! 😉



 photo DSCF5805.jpg

 photo DSCF5806.jpg

 photo DSCF5809.jpg

 photo DSCF5810.jpg

believe it or not, this was our attempt to visit the science centre last week. yes, the science centre that nobody goes to anymore. nobody of our age group, at least.

till today, i don’t know what was the exhibition D wanted me to see, but i believe it was a good one, or it won’t be so crowded. i mean, this is the science centre we are talking about okay, at jurong east, and not even that near the train station, so there won’t be any other reason for the crowd lah, yeah the exhibition must be good, hahaha!

having said all that, though, we decided not to enter the exhibition in the end because the place was closing, and i had dog-sitting duties that evening, and couldn’t bear to leave nemo alone at home without food for too long, hahaha. okay that’s all to my very pointless, anti-climatic post.

rendezvous part II

after our previous successful girls’ night out, here’s another spontaneous meet-up with gladys, driven by our late-night hunger, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5816.jpg

as you can see from the spread…really very hungry, hahaha!

upper bukit timah used to be the go-to place for us, west end kids, on weekend nights; a place for the squad to fall in together, many a time on rather last minute notice (and that’s the fun part!), to see and be seen, in shorts and slippers, drinking milo dinosaur late into the night, sometimes way beyond curfew, because recklessness is for the young, hahaha!

i don’t know at which point in time did upper bukit timah lose its appeal, and whether it is just for my friends and i, or for everyone else in my generation, but yeah, those late-night suppers are already a thing of the past, and i didn’t even notice what we’ve lost until this time when gladys and i came back to this street.

“i wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – andy, the office

swee choon serves swee food!

i’m so creative with my titles hor, hahaha! i know it makes you cringe when you read it, but it sounds so bad that it’s good, don’t you think?

in an attempt to venture out of our comfort zone, D and i decided to have a more oriental-style brunch for the weekend.

 photo swee choon.jpg

everybody’s favourite dim sum place, swee choon.

i love old-school chinese restaurants.

 photo DSCF5777.jpg

drunken chicken and xlb.

so good they deserve a close-up each.

 photo dimsum.jpg


the drunken chicken is especially good because you can taste so much wine that it’s hard not to think that the chicken is really drunk, hahaha! a bit on the salty side, i have to say, but makes a good appetiser nevertheless. xlb may not be as good as that of dtf, but close enough, i think?

 photo DSCF5783.jpg

the pork and century egg porridge, on the other hand, doesn’t quite meet expectation, me feels. disclaimer: i’m not really a fan of pork and century egg porridge to start with hor. people who like home-cooked cantonese-style congee may like it better; for me, it tastes too much like sick-time comfort food.

 photo dimsum 2.jpg

first picture shows the pan-fried carrot cake, which is surprisingly good. “surprising”, because i’ve never had a really good carrot cake in any restaurant before, and so don’t really expect much when it comes to this dish. however, swee choon’s carrot cake is freshly made, not too oily, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside (without being too mushy). in one word – PERFECT!

in comparison, the other fried item – banana fritter or something (i was totally not interested, and didn’t take a bite, so not quite sure what it was, hahaha!) is not quite worth mentioning, according to D.

 photo dimsum 3.jpg

next up – egg yolk bun. is that the name? i cannot quite remember, but you know lah, hor? quite a common dim sum dish what!

another amazing dish! the first picture is of me opening up the bun to show the steaming hot yolk lava in there but the perfectionist photographer in D insisted on showing the egg yolk gushing out as the bun was being torn open. thus, the hands in the second picture are his. i already had my bun in my mouth because i was more concerned about it turning cold, hahaha!

as you can judge from my enthusiasm in elaborating on the dishes, i’m very impressed by this popular dim sum supper place. why do people eat dim sum for supper, i have no idea but yes, swee choon is indeed, wow cow chow!

and to end off the post, here’s D looking totally fueled for the day from the good food, and me looking cuckoo bird, because i don’t like selfies, remember?

 photo DSCF5772.jpg

 photo DSCF5775.jpg

 photo DSCF5776.jpg

where got people take photo with wet tissue one right, you tell me? tsk.

time for friends IV

the month of may has really been nothing short of supreme, because i finally completed my goal of meeting up with some of my dearest friends.

 photo DSCF5740.jpg

first up, my bffs and i found time to meet up again, and on this occasion, on rather short notice, which was a miraculous feat by itself, given that the birthday boy, keryeong, has such crazy schedules.

we had dinner at a cafe he recommended, which was surprisingly well-received by us; this was already the second time that we were impressed by his choice of dinner venue, so it seems like he is getting more and more trendy, and i’m very proud of him, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5744.jpg

and then it was meet-the-parents session for the new addition to our JC crew – boyfriend of our baby of the group, amantha; oh how time has flown, it seems like only yesterday when we attended her 21st birthday party, and look, now she’s all grown up, bringing her boyfriend to show us and all! *wipe tears of joy*

and speaking of birthday parties, D and i ended off the week with two birthday celebrations on the same day.

 photo DSCF5753.jpg

D’s twin nephews turned one.

 photo DSCF5752.jpg

twins are the best!

 photo DSCF5751.jpg

though having an extra sister as a play mate is even better, of course!

 photo IMG-20170611-WA0005.jpg

and then in the evening, we celebrated vincent’s 21st. YES, MY BABY BROTHER HAS TURNED 21ST, OMG!!! i know i have said this before, but yes, it’s probably time i stop calling him my baby brother already.

 photo IMG-20170611-WA0008.jpg

see how even nemo looks so happy! though he’s like already 90 over years old in human years, and will probably find all these celebrations quite lame.

so yap, this is the last installation of my time for friends series. i hope i have proven my point that I HAVE FRIENDS, hahahaha!

here’s a recap of the other time for friends episodes!

time for friends I
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time for friends III

finally, time for time for friends III, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5725.jpg

caught up with my only friends from ntu. (i’m very selective about making friends, can?!)

 photo DSCF5728.jpg

had my regular HTHT session with my bestie, may.

 photo IMG-20170603-WA0000.jpg

and with one of my prettiest, old friends, jiaqi.

then of course, every other month should be adorned with a wedding or two.

 photo DSCF5730.jpg

 photo DSCF5739.jpg

this time round, of D’s friend.

i wish i could elaborate more on each occasion, because each one was with people who mean a lot to me, but i’m in frankfurt now, six hours behind singapore, which means i have essentially lost one night of sleep again, which means…I AM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!

my bed is calling out for me now, practically screaming actually.

so take this opportunity to check out my gatherings in the previous two weeks?

time for friends I
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play date!

weekend date with D again!

this happened quite long ago, hehe, but the photos will make the wait all worthwhile!

we visited the last kampung of singapore, and then dropped by at the japanese cemetery park too. both were D’s ideas. i don’t know how he got to know these places, and why he would think of going there, but i love it when D does all the planning, because he always knows the best things to do, and best places to go to! most importantly, he takes the best photos. ♥

 photo DSCF5575.jpg
 photo chicken 1.jpg
 photo kampong 1.jpg
 photo village 2.jpg
 photo village 3.jpg
 photo village.jpg
 photo DSCF5551.jpg
 photo village 4.jpg
 photo DSCF5570.jpg
 photo DSCF5538.jpg
 photo DSCF5537.jpg
 photo log.jpg
 photo log 2.jpg
 photo DSCF5585.jpg
 photo DSCF5584.jpg
 photo DSCF5582.jpg

cgls right?