photobucket, the site that has been hosting my photos for more than ten years, from the very beginning of my blogging days, has suddenly decided that it no longer wants to do that anymore.

which is why my millions of photos on both houseofdays and lemonbarleystrawberry are no longer available.

and of all time, they have to choose now, when i’m so occupied with planning my holiday, setting up my new laptop, and you know, flying from one end of earth to another, sigh…

i’m at a complete loss now. i guess i can always look for alternatives. i’ve tried googling and apparently, i’m not the only one who is shocked and caught at a loss by photobucket’s sudden, swift and merciless cut of service, so yes, many kind-hearted techies are already putting up advice and tips on where else to host photos.

but i’m just so busy, and reluctant to sign up for new accounts, and learn how to navigate a new system. i’m very bad with technology, and also unwilling to change or learn when it comes to such things. i mean, my last phone lasted me for like i don’t know, four years or something, and i still refused to change it until D bought me a new one, and forced me to use it, hahaha!

it’s not just hosting the new photos, you know, it’s also the transferring of the old ones. call me ocd or whatever, but i cannot stand having that fugly dummy image anywhere on my blog, which means i have to migrate all my old pictures over too? who has the time for that, man.

sigh…maybe it’s all meant to be. it’s really, time to move on?


One thought on “announcement

  1. Do not be disheartened, for you have already touched many lives, if not, entertainment at the very least. These are the reasons, amongst many others, that makes me read your blog posts:
    1. To Smile. Whenever I feel down, reading your blog never fail to put a smile on my face.
    2. To be part of your world. No matter how close we are, even as husband and wife, there will always be a secret little corner of yours waiting to be discovered, and the only way is through your blog.
    3. To improve my english. I know it may sound lame to you, your blog has actually improved my english and my writing though process.
    4. To be smittened by your beauty. This has astounding side effects on me. Refer to point 1.
    5. Simply a habit to do so. Imagine if you drink coffee everyday, what would the day be like if you realised that there’s wouln’t be any coffee forever?
    I think I have expressed what the 90 percentile of your readers feel, I’m sure. It’s entirely up to you to do what you feel most happy about. A chapter closes and another opens. The joy, fun and laughter you have brought to us will forever and always be in our hearts.

    LOVE, D


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