swee choon serves swee food!

i’m so creative with my titles hor, hahaha! i know it makes you cringe when you read it, but it sounds so bad that it’s good, don’t you think?

in an attempt to venture out of our comfort zone, D and i decided to have a more oriental-style brunch for the weekend.

 photo swee choon.jpg

everybody’s favourite dim sum place, swee choon.

i love old-school chinese restaurants.

 photo DSCF5777.jpg

drunken chicken and xlb.

so good they deserve a close-up each.

 photo dimsum.jpg


the drunken chicken is especially good because you can taste so much wine that it’s hard not to think that the chicken is really drunk, hahaha! a bit on the salty side, i have to say, but makes a good appetiser nevertheless. xlb may not be as good as that of dtf, but close enough, i think?

 photo DSCF5783.jpg

the pork and century egg porridge, on the other hand, doesn’t quite meet expectation, me feels. disclaimer: i’m not really a fan of pork and century egg porridge to start with hor. people who like home-cooked cantonese-style congee may like it better; for me, it tastes too much like sick-time comfort food.

 photo dimsum 2.jpg

first picture shows the pan-fried carrot cake, which is surprisingly good. “surprising”, because i’ve never had a really good carrot cake in any restaurant before, and so don’t really expect much when it comes to this dish. however, swee choon’s carrot cake is freshly made, not too oily, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside (without being too mushy). in one word – PERFECT!

in comparison, the other fried item – banana fritter or something (i was totally not interested, and didn’t take a bite, so not quite sure what it was, hahaha!) is not quite worth mentioning, according to D.

 photo dimsum 3.jpg

next up – egg yolk bun. is that the name? i cannot quite remember, but you know lah, hor? quite a common dim sum dish what!

another amazing dish! the first picture is of me opening up the bun to show the steaming hot yolk lava in there but the perfectionist photographer in D insisted on showing the egg yolk gushing out as the bun was being torn open. thus, the hands in the second picture are his. i already had my bun in my mouth because i was more concerned about it turning cold, hahaha!

as you can judge from my enthusiasm in elaborating on the dishes, i’m very impressed by this popular dim sum supper place. why do people eat dim sum for supper, i have no idea but yes, swee choon is indeed, wow cow chow!

and to end off the post, here’s D looking totally fueled for the day from the good food, and me looking cuckoo bird, because i don’t like selfies, remember?

 photo DSCF5772.jpg

 photo DSCF5775.jpg

 photo DSCF5776.jpg

where got people take photo with wet tissue one right, you tell me? tsk.


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