rendezvous part II

after our previous successful girls’ night out, here’s another spontaneous meet-up with gladys, driven by our late-night hunger, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5816.jpg

as you can see from the spread…really very hungry, hahaha!

upper bukit timah used to be the go-to place for us, west end kids, on weekend nights; a place for the squad to fall in together, many a time on rather last minute notice (and that’s the fun part!), to see and be seen, in shorts and slippers, drinking milo dinosaur late into the night, sometimes way beyond curfew, because recklessness is for the young, hahaha!

i don’t know at which point in time did upper bukit timah lose its appeal, and whether it is just for my friends and i, or for everyone else in my generation, but yeah, those late-night suppers are already a thing of the past, and i didn’t even notice what we’ve lost until this time when gladys and i came back to this street.

“i wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – andy, the office


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