time for friends IV

the month of may has really been nothing short of supreme, because i finally completed my goal of meeting up with some of my dearest friends.

 photo DSCF5740.jpg

first up, my bffs and i found time to meet up again, and on this occasion, on rather short notice, which was a miraculous feat by itself, given that the birthday boy, keryeong, has such crazy schedules.

we had dinner at a cafe he recommended, which was surprisingly well-received by us; this was already the second time that we were impressed by his choice of dinner venue, so it seems like he is getting more and more trendy, and i’m very proud of him, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5744.jpg

and then it was meet-the-parents session for the new addition to our JC crew – boyfriend of our baby of the group, amantha; oh how time has flown, it seems like only yesterday when we attended her 21st birthday party, and look, now she’s all grown up, bringing her boyfriend to show us and all! *wipe tears of joy*

and speaking of birthday parties, D and i ended off the week with two birthday celebrations on the same day.

 photo DSCF5753.jpg

D’s twin nephews turned one.

 photo DSCF5752.jpg

twins are the best!

 photo DSCF5751.jpg

though having an extra sister as a play mate is even better, of course!

 photo IMG-20170611-WA0005.jpg

and then in the evening, we celebrated vincent’s 21st. YES, MY BABY BROTHER HAS TURNED 21ST, OMG!!! i know i have said this before, but yes, it’s probably time i stop calling him my baby brother already.

 photo IMG-20170611-WA0008.jpg

see how even nemo looks so happy! though he’s like already 90 over years old in human years, and will probably find all these celebrations quite lame.

so yap, this is the last installation of my time for friends series. i hope i have proven my point that I HAVE FRIENDS, hahahaha!

here’s a recap of the other time for friends episodes!

time for friends I
time for friends II
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