time for friends III

finally, time for time for friends III, hahaha!

 photo DSCF5725.jpg

caught up with my only friends from ntu. (i’m very selective about making friends, can?!)

 photo DSCF5728.jpg

had my regular HTHT session with my bestie, may.

 photo IMG-20170603-WA0000.jpg

and with one of my prettiest, old friends, jiaqi.

then of course, every other month should be adorned with a wedding or two.

 photo DSCF5730.jpg

 photo DSCF5739.jpg

this time round, of D’s friend.

i wish i could elaborate more on each occasion, because each one was with people who mean a lot to me, but i’m in frankfurt now, six hours behind singapore, which means i have essentially lost one night of sleep again, which means…I AM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!

my bed is calling out for me now, practically screaming actually.

so take this opportunity to check out my gatherings in the previous two weeks?

time for friends I
time for friends II


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