time for friends I

looking back at my blog updates in the past few weeks, it has suddenly come to my attention that it’s been a long time since i last did any socialisation, so i have lined up my next few weeks with loads of gatherings, woot!

firstly, i managed to get a time slot with my sp/ntu girlfriends!!! ❤

and we had the BESTEST steamboat dinner ever. it’s upin steamboat at clarke quay, a close knock-off of the acclaimed hai di lao, sans the queue.

from the variety of ingredients to soup choices to the taste of all the dishes to quality of service all the way right down to the selection of sauces – absolutely tip-top. *drool*

i know putting up pictures may deliver my point better, BUT that will only distract me from the real purpose of my post, which is…

 photo DSCF5488.jpg

i know i look pregnant, but nope, that’s just my food baby, hahahaha! i think i was quite clever to have chosen such a loose fitting dress for the evening, seeing how much i had wolfed down at dinner, hahahaha!

nothing beats sitting around a hot pot with my past comrades, with whom i have fought through countless school projects for four years. we talked about everything under the sun, from our individual career progress, to babies, and boys, to families, and other friends, to gossips about old school mates, and last of all, a course that angelynev recently signed up for, titled “communciation with spirits”.

so many questions came to my mind when she told us that, but it was a pity that we were already running out of time to further elaborate on the topic, argh! it’s alright, i guess that’s something to look forward to at our next meeting, which hopefully won’t have to wait another five months to materialise.

the next day, i had a date with wendy!

 photo DSCF5492.jpg

we had a rather disappointing lunch at adam road hawker centre, but dessert at atlas coffeeshop redeemed the afternoon for us, yay!

more importantly, we made full use of wendy’s two-hour lunch break, catching up with each another’s latest happenings, sharing stories from our marriage (five months for me vs. five years for her!), and exchanging our flying experiences.

so those were some highlights from the past few days, kicking off a series of gatherings with some of my closest friends in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 🙂


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