twinkle tricia turning one!!!

our most darling little boo, tricia, turned one!!!

i was sooo, sooo lucky that i got called up for a short turn to jakarta the day before, so that i could enjoy sunday off and attend her birthday partayyy!!!

 photo DSCF5474.jpg

how blessed we were just to be this close to our precious, haha! though judging by tricia’s face, the love was probably not mutual. 😦

 photo DSCF5475.jpg

then lucky aizat arrived just in time, and we could take this opportunity to have another round.

and then…after ten minutes or so, we realised jia ying was not present when we took the last two photos!!!

 photo DSCF5483.jpg


aww…look at that munchkin, how could we bear to make her go though another round of almost non-stop camera flashes!!!

 photo DSCF5484.jpg

actually we could, hahahaha! sorry ah, we need more photos for our whatsapp group, aka “TRICIA’S BIGGEST FANS”.

 photo DSCF5480.jpg

in exchange for that little extra air time with our superstar, we gotta keep her entertained; this time with a bunch of keys (her favourite used to be watches), hahaha! yay, our princess was appeased!!!

 photo scene 1.jpg

how easy to please!!! with that simple bunch of keys, she stayed relatively focused for most part of the whole birthday cake ritual.

 photo scene 2.jpg

though it might be a teeny weeny bit long for a baby’s attention span…

 photo scene 3.jpg

and tricia was understandably uninterested in the cake that she could not even eat…

but i think she was still quite cooperative lah…thanks to the bunch of keys, of course, hahaha!

what a great end to the week; nothing compares to being surrounded by my dear friends, and more importantly, seeing tricia again!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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