regenbogen dusche

 photo DSCF4299.jpg

the bottle reads rainbow shower.

and yes, it smells of cotton candy and cupcakes!!!

and yes yes, the pastel colours, flying unicorn and smiling cupcake make me so happy whenever i look at them in the shower room!!!

D thinks i’m being silly.

but i like leh, and i bought two bottles lor, nanny nanny boo boo!!! maybe he’s just jealous because he thinks boys cannot like pastel coloured shower bottles with pictures of flying unicorns and smiling cupcakes, wahahaha!!!

i think this rainbow shower series was exclusive to frankfurt, because i couldn’t find them in the same shop in munich. and i wanted to get more the second time i went back to frankfurt but they were already sold out. instead, they had something even cuter, of which i also bought two, shall post pictures when i start using them yeah?!?! hahaha…such cheap thrill!


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