famous london duck

if you ask ANY singapore airlines crew member for food recommendations in london, the first on their list will definitely be…

 photo DSCF5442_1.jpg

duck rice from gold mine at bayswater!!!

in fact, don’t only ask crew members, google “BEST roast duck in london”, and i’m pretty sure this place will come up in the top five.

omg just the thought of it makes my mouth water, hiak hiak.

you cannot imagine how comforting asian food is when you go to europe and/or america at least twice a month and have to eat ang mo kantang every other day. though asian restaurants are not hard to find, they are not always that good, so a place like gold mine is really a gem to those of us who miss the taste of home, especially when the staff there is always sooo nice to us too; their warmth and hospitality, and familiarity with our little quirks and willingness to attend to our special requests and preferences really makes a huge difference, you know? i guess that’s something we can apply in our own line of work too.

okay, now i feel my blog is actually quite helpful hor, don’t say i never share ah, hahaha!


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