warm kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur

i’ve always wanted to visit a cat cafe in japan, but due to one reason or another (it’s actually just my laziness), i haven’t gotten round to doing it. also, i reckon that it will be more fun if i get to do it with D, because to be honest, i know he loves cats more than i do, hahaha!

since there are a few cat cafes in singapore, i actually made an effort to do some research beforehand, so as to get the most out of the experience, since weekend dates with D are precious to me, and i can’t afford to be disappointed by lame stuff, hahaha!

after perusing seemingly endless online reviews of the various options available, i finally settled on the cat museum because…

1. it is the biggest, occupying four stories in one of the heritage shophouses along purvis street.

2. there is no food and drink sold here, unlike other cat cafes. i like this because some of the cat cafes make you purchase a drink and/or snack when you are there, and it’s usually ridiculously expensive, and doesn’t even taste nice. i’ve no time for flat, lukewarm coke, or some lame shit rainbow cake can? all i want to do is pet a cat, goddamnit!

3. it is run by volunteers, and ALL the reviews i saw say that they are very passionate, and genuinely care for the cats (which i witnessed for myself during my visit!).

4. most importantly, the museum is a non-profit social enterprise, self-funded by the owner with the key mission to educate the public about our community cats, and ultimately encourage adoption. in fact, interested visitors can adopt cats from the museum, as long as they meet certain requirements (“they” meaning the humans, not the cats, because all cats are perfect), which you can find out more about from the volunteers, or the cat museum website.

yap, so if you are a cat lover, or are sourcing for an interesting weekend date idea, or want to learn more about community cats in singapore, come to the cat museum. at least you are doing something good while playing with the cats. and also, you don’t waste time on lousy cake and lame coke, right? hahaha!

and now we feast our eyes on those furry cuties!

 photo DSCF5326.jpg

welcome to the cat museum!

 photo DSCF5297.jpg

kitty, kitty, come play with me! (kitty: ignore.)

 photo DSCF5300.jpg

player one.

 photo DSCF5303.jpg

player two.

 photo DSCF5324.jpg


 photo DSCF5301.jpg

afternoon snooze…

 photo DSCF5304.jpg

so tiring to be cute.

kitties in action.

 photo DSCF5315.jpg
 photo DSCF5319.jpg
 photo DSCF5320.jpg


 photo ginger 1.jpg

like a boss.

 photo ginger 2.jpg

too cute.

 photo kitty.jpg

my favourite moment is when i got to hug this kitten, which was such a warm, fuzzy ball of fur that i instantly fell in love with her! ❤

 photo dave and kitty.jpg

though it may not be obvious, D is actually the real crazy cat uncle okay?!

anyway, that’s all we’ve got from our trip to the cat museum. wish we had stayed a bit longer, but we had to go home early for dinner because we had guests over. (argh!!!) a successful date nonetheless, so yayness!


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