the funny one, and the pretty one

so…the other weekend, D and i were doing something boring like sending his printer for repair, when we realised that we were just a few streets away from the magnificent haw par villa.

 photo DSCF5440.jpg

land of fun leh, of course must go!

it was a spontaneous decision, and a refreshing alternative from the usual city-centre date venues, me feel. but most importantly, admission is FREE!!!

or so i thought. *unamused side glance*

parking costs $5, and we didn’t even spend much time at the villa because we had plans to catch moonlight in town after.

sorry to be so petty, very uncool, i know. may i make it up to you with some exclusive photos of dashing dave enjoying himself?

 photo DSCF5412.jpg
 photo DSCF5414.jpg
 photo DSCF5437.jpg
 photo DSCF5429.jpg
 photo dave 3.jpg
 photo dave 2.jpg
 photo dave 1.jpg
 photo DSCF5439.jpg


i think he will kill me after this, but it’s an honour to sacrifice myself in the name of art. and entertainment.

though you probably won’t be interested in boring photos of me after all that, but just patronise me a bit lah, hor.

 photo DSCF5416.jpg
 photo DSCF5428.jpg

 photo DSCF5418.jpg
 photo DSCF5420.jpg

if only i can be as funny as D, but i guess there can only be one funny person in a couple. i shall just stick to being chio then. le sigh.


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