saying goodbye

 photo DSCF5256.jpg

best games night ever, with fellow children of the lo’s.

to be honest, we are not the kind of siblings who HTHT all the time, or hang out together regularly, or even really talk to one another much. but i grew up with lawrance, and so we share a long history together, and countless childhood memories, while vincent and i have almost the exact same taste in tv shows and online humour, which often results in numerous inside jokes. 

all three of us also have a chat group named dogsitters, with a profile picture of nemo (of course), and it is usually the most active when my parents are overseas and we have to take turns to dogsit, hahaha!

i love my brothers, and care about them very deeply; i’m confident that it is the same for them. this is why saying goodbye to lawrance and lemin as they leave for their two-year stint in the states is rather hard, though at the same time, i do feel thrilled for them for their exciting new journey ahead.

 photo DSCF5334.jpg

life will never be the same without them.

 photo IMG-20170430-WA0000.jpg

last family dinner together with lemin’s family, the evening before the couple left. i’m glad i could have this with them, though it could have been better if i could send them off, but i had to work that night; it would probably be another two years before we can meet again. it doesn’t sound like a long time, but then again, so many things can happen in two years, don’t you think? kids, growing old, a different home, new jobs, maybe the war, who knows?

nevertheless, if there is anything in this world that can remain constant, it’s family, and i’m so glad that they are mine. ❤


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