hello, this is new york

 photo SCF4894.jpg

one of the most brilliant cities in the world.

 photo SCF4885.jpg

five guys said hi!

 photo SCF4901.jpg

john with the dream, and he was not the only one.

 photo SCF4898.jpg

because it was april.

 photo SCF4903.jpg


 photo SCF4905.jpg

tiny rolling potatoes.

side note: there was this math game i used to play on the computer when i was a kid. it had many little purple potatoes jumping, rolling about, doing erm…i cannot remember what, probably math-related stuff. now that i’m a grown up, i’ve always thought that kids running about look like those potatoes. anyway, those kids in the pictures actually did “roll” down the slope – on the teacher’s cue, they all raced down, for god-knows-what reason. seems dangerous, don’t you think? so i was thinking to myself, ah well…that’s “americans” for you, doing silly stuff like that, thinking it’s fun until someone breaks his neck. and then the next moment, i thought, maybe it’s just me being too “asian” thinking that it’s dangerous for kids running down a slope.

 photo SCF4912.jpg

squeak squeak.

 photo garden.jpg


 photo SCF4918.jpg


 photo SCF4919.jpg

scraping the skies.

 photo SCF4925.jpg

up, up, and away!

 photo SCF4942.jpg

on your mark…

 photo SCF4944.jpg

best mode of transport, of course.

 photo SCF4949.jpg


 photo SCF4958.jpg


 photo SCF4951.jpg

the stars and stripes.

 photo pigeons.jpg

lunch time.

 photo SCF4956.jpg


 photo SCF4971.jpg

grand central terminal.

 photo SCF4967.jpg

in transit.

 photo SCF4980.jpg

reporting from the empire state building.

 photo SCF4989.jpg


 photo DSCF5002.jpg

heart of NYC.



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