photography challenge

this is inspired by pinterest, which is my current favourite time-filler app. (yes i know, i’m such a technology straggler, hahaha!)

30 photos for 30 days, each meeting a different theme.

i’ve played cheat a little though, collecting photos from the past too, or else i would NEVER finish this challenge like ever. and since i’m still keen on keeping my blog alive, so yes, anything to keep the updates going, man.

anyhoo, enough explanation, that’s so uncool. here we go!

day 1: self portrait

 photo 1. self portrait.jpg

blast from the past, where i still had long hair, and was feeling damn fly about it.

day 2: what you wore

 photo 2. what you wore.jpg

drop of sunshine.

day 3: clouds

 photo 3. clouds.jpg

with rainbow too.

day 4: something green

 photo 4. something green.jpg

though it was rather accidental.

day 5: after dark

 photo 5. after dark.jpg

singapore’s skyline.

day 6: obsession

 photo 6. obsession.jpg

i am not a crazy cat lady.

day 7: changes to come

 photo 7. changes to come.jpg

new ride, scarlet.

day 8: routine

 photo 8. routine.jpg

caffeine is evil.

day 9: someone you love

 photo 9. someone you love.jpg

now and forever.

day 10: childhood memory

 photo 10. childhood memory.jpg

only from hong kong.

day 11: something blue

 photo 11. something blue.jpg

for purity, love, and fidelity.

day 12: sunset

 photo 12. sunset.jpg

or maybe sunrise?

day 13: cannot live without

 photo 13. cannot live without.jpg

my better half.

day 14: eyes

 photo 14. eyes.jpg

here’s looking at you.

day 15: silhouette

 photo 15. silhouette.jpg

looking forward.

day 16: a good habit

 photo 16. a good habit.jpg

something to work on.

day 17: technology

 photo 17. technology.jpg

six years.

day 18: your shoes

 photo 18. your shoes.jpg

most expensive ones i have, and worth every cent.

day 19: something you want

 photo 19. something you want.jpg

a holiday, way overdue.

day 20: in your bag

 photo 20. in your bag.jpg


day 21: faceless portrait

 photo 21. faceless portrait.jpg

look me in the eye.

day 22: dream

 photo 22. dream.jpg

from yesteryear.

day 23: patterns

 photo 23. patterns.jpg

round and round.

day 24: animal

 photo 24. animal.jpg

leader of the pack.

day 25: strangers

 photo 25. strangers.jpg

still my favourite photo after all these years.

day 26: close-up

 photo 26. close-up.jpg

that hair.

day 27: celebration

 photo 27. celebration.jpg

of a new life together.

day 28: flowers

 photo 28. flowers.jpg

arrival of spring.

day 29: black and white

 photo 29. black and white.jpg

the safest place in the world.

day 30: self portrait

 photo 30. self portrait.jpg

hello, may, here we go!


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