raining sakura

i must be the luckiest girl in the world because i got to go to…OSAKA!!! IN SAKURA SEASON!!! OMG JUST HOW UNBELIEVABLE!!!

you see, japan flights are like a precious commodity in our cabin crew community; it’s a good bargaining chip when we want to change for flights or offdays with one another, because hello…it’s japan, heaven for all girls (and boys, and families, and like basically everyone) given its almost endless galore of food, shopping, and all things kawaii. and since there are limited slots on each flight for local girls (because we have japanese stewardesses), all the more valuable such flights appear to be. okay i know some girls, including myself at first, are apprehensive about the hotel rooms (you know, casper and all that…) but ya…by and large, japan is still one of the most “trade-able” SQ stations, i would say, especially now in april, because…SAKURA!!!

anyhoo, i was initially rostered to do an osaka flight on friday, only to have it disrupted by a standby call-up on wednesday to…you’ll never guess…OSAKA!!! yeah i know, lame right? basically, i had to go on this other osaka flight two days ahead of my original schedule because either somebody on that flight reported sick (unlikely), or they had to make up the crew number because of higher passenger load bla bla bla.

in short, i still got to go to osaka, albeit on a different day, so whatever, all is good. having said this, however, the disruption did cause a rollover of my standby, which i don’t really like, but guess what i got called up for during my second standby?!?! drum roll please…I GOT OSAKA AGAIN!!!


the first time round, i totally maxed out my stay, over exerting my body by rushing to the osaka castle park (commonly deemed the best place for sakura) after a red-eye flight and only one hour of sleep after checking into the hotel, over loading my bags with all sorts of incredible japanese products from skincare to food to ingenious household items, and over working my tummy by eating three FULL meals a day (i usually only have one or two meals).

the keyword is OVER, everything done in excess because IT’S JAPANNN!!! and i only have one day.

on the other hand, i didn’t do much on my second trip because one, timings of the flights were not that good, and two, i didn’t bring enough clothes with me to go far, while the temperature had dropped rather drastically. (yes, over a span of like two days. weather around the world is crazy nowadays.) so i abandoned my halfheartedly conceived plan to visit a cat cafe, and only spent the few free hours i had to overshop.

OKAY! ENOUGH OF ALL THOSE BORING DETAILS! ARGH!!! what’s wrong with me these days, going on and on like an old woman, eek!

PICTURES!!!!!!!!! be ready to be showered with sakura left, right, centre, go go go!!!

welcome to…

 photo DSCF4735.jpg

 photo DSCF4762.jpg

the osaka castle park.

 photo DSCF4745.jpg


 photo DSCF4779.jpg


 photo DSCF4772.jpg


 photo DSCF4733.jpg

both near…

 photo DSCF4808.jpg

and far.

 photo DSCF4737.jpg

above you…

 photo DSCF4765.jpg

behind you…

 photo bathing in sakura.jpg


 photo DSCF4798.jpg

college friends having a picnic…

 photo DSCF4814.jpg

old lady sheltering her husband in the soft, gentle rain, as he tried to capture the beauty around them.

 photo DSCF4773.jpg

i guess you cannot get more japanese than that…

 photo DSCF4826.jpg

or this…

 photo japanese icons.jpg

or that, right? hahaha…

 photo DSCF4767.jpg

 photo DSCF4770.jpg

cherry blossoms mixed with plum blossoms, painting the park all pink.

i say each new year should start with april, where sakura is in season; nobody will have a bad year ahead when they are surrounded by so much beauty.

many more photos to come, but i shall put them up in another entry, because they are not pink enough to be included here, hahaha. laterrr!


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