photo DSCF4740.jpg

i spotted him from afar, and couldn’t help but run towards him to pet him, and gushed at how KAWAII he was. (actually come to think of it, i do that every time i see a dog.)

good thing the owner didn’t mind.

most dog owners don’t, because dog owners are usually good people, according to my dad at least.

shiba inu is like one of my favourite types of dogs in the world.

while they are rather rare in singapore, it is almost as if they are the only kind of dogs in japan. they totally own this place.

 photo shiba 3.jpg

 photo shiba 2.jpg

OMG SO CUTE, CAN??????!!!!!! it took me everything not to grab him and run, hahaha.

 photo shiba 1.jpg

another one!!!

but this one like a bit fat hor? the owner is an old lady, so in my mind, i was thinking, ah…go figure.

it’s like kids being raised by their grandparents – they somehow tend to be chubbier, if not totally overweight, don’t you think?

maybe old people are soft-hearted, and have a harder time saying no to their love, be it their dog or grand kid. maybe they think dogs and children should be fat and jolly, so an extra treat here and there is no harm. maybe their eyesight is not too good, and they unknowingly put too much feed in the dog bowl or milk in the bottle. maybe given their age, they feel they have lived enough, so whatever lah, everything also just let go only, hahahaha!

ANYWAY, i’ve digressed.

my point is…i love shiba inus because they are so cute.

okay, that’s all, bye.


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