a piece of osaka a day

 photo DSCF4832.jpg

 photo DSCF4839.jpg

enter these gateways and risk losing yourself in endless shopping madness.

 photo DSCF4830.jpg

i remember having one or two of these masks at home when i was a kid. these look better in quality though, but then again, this is japan, so why am i surprised?

 photo DSCF4831.jpg

at the risk of over using this word…kawaii. the sign says that the stall is selling osaka’s specialty; i didn’t know osaka specialises in cartoon socks.

 photo DSCF4846.jpg

a stall, and vending machines selling only tobacco products.

 photo DSCF4835.jpg

after every one or two kilometres or so, you will see rows of bicycles parked by the road. for such an organised city, i’m surprised that the pavements in osaka are not divided into footpaths and bicycle lanes, though bicycles are widely used.

 photo dora yaki.jpg

not a fan, but they make pretty pictures.

 photo DSCF4837.jpg

i should hang one of these at my door too. in my house next time, i should throw together random things from all the places i’ve been to so as to show how well-travelled i am. hahahaha!

 photo DSCF4783.jpg

huge slab of octopus bigger than my head.

 photo DSCF4842.jpg

addressing the dogs directly, with a little cartoon no less, how polite! that’s the japanese for you, ever so courteous and respectful.

 photo DSCF4845.jpg

stumbled upon this gem hidden in a back alley on the way back to the hotel.

 photo food.jpg

i can eat these every day. like really, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

 photo DSCF4828a.jpg

staring game. kids love to do that with me, maybe i’m good at it, i don’t know.

 photo DSCF4829.jpg

i didn’t ask her to do this. i took out my camera and she posed for me, unprompted. i know i have used this word for like n times already, but really…KAWAII!!!

that’s all from osaka. i think it’s pretty obvious that i’ve loved it there, and all other parts of japan too, actually. you can click here to read all about it.


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