of lights and colours

 photo crazy dave.jpg

why does dave look so excited?

here’s why:

 photo 20170331_190700.jpg

the long awaited coldplay concert!!!

 photo coloured lights.jpg photo 20170331_211820.jpg photo 20170331_200650.jpg

it was my second time going to a live concert; my first one being fun. at sentosa, which made a good virgin concert experience btw, as you can read from here.

i know i said before i don’t queue for no shit, but i thought i would make this time an exception, it being coldplay and all. took us a whole morning of sitting-at-the-edge-of-seat and fingers-and-toes-crossed to get the online tickets, and this was followed by months of restless waiting before the day finally arrived.

worth every minute and every cent spent, me say.

the concert turned out to be shorter than expected, with no encore, or any demand for encore, strangely. people just obediently filed out of the stadium when the band said it was the end. in fact, there were some seasoned concert-goers who were already halfway through the doors before the end of the last song, knowing that there would be serious human traffic jam after.

anywaysss, sorry about the substandard photos. i had to use my phone, having left my camera in the car because i was a concert noob (yes, still a noob) who was afraid that they wouldn’t allow cameras and make me queue up for a locker to stow it.

in any case, forget about the photos, your social media was probably bombarded with loads of them those two days when the concert took place, no? so i guess you would have known that the concert was max dope, and we had a totally rad time.

yap, all in all, my second live concert has been a huge win, so yay!


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