best wedding of the year

1 april 2017 was a happy day, not because i pulled off an especially clever trick on anyone, but because my very own brother got married!!!

well, technically, the couple has already tied the knot last december, when they signed the papers in an intimate family-and-close-friends-only ceremony.

but you know, for a traditional chinese family like mine, they are not considered officially married until a huge-ass party is thrown, where guests have to pay (in the form of ang baos) for an overpriced dinner, and go through a night typically lined with activities included in but not limited to the list below:

1. queuing for the photo booth (which usually costs an arm and a leg for the couple) during cocktail hour, taking snapshots with lame, trying-too-hard-to-be-funny props, resulting in stacks of over-saturated pictures which you have no idea what to do with immediately after;

2. watching the couple’s childhood photo montage before their march-in, trying desperately to find your face in at least one photo to assure yourself that you are in fact close enough with the couple to justify the big ang bao that you have just given;

3. making awkward small talk with relatives or friends whom you have not seen for ages (and probably won’t recognise on the street on any other day);

4. having a very filling-but-not-quite-satisfactory-for-some-reason eight-course dinner;

5. having too much of the free-flow wine and beer, and end up talking too much and laughing too loudly, making empty promises to meet up again with aforementioned long-lost relatives and friends, thus making it even more awkward the next time you meet them at yet, another wedding.

do all these sound familiar? hahahaha!

yes, that’s the usual singapore-style chinese wedding banquet, of which i’ve obviously become an expert by now. (i can even memorise each dish on the menu, in the exact order. just saying.)

having said all that, however, weddings can still be fun, especially if you are not just any dinner guest, but an active participant throughout the day, like a bridesmaid, or the sibling of the groom (or bride).

oh but not when you are the couple; parties are always only fun for the guests but never for the organiser, remember?

a wedding is freaking tiring for the couple. and expensive. and tedious. and too elaborate. you may say you want a “simple” wedding, but trust me, nothing is simpler than just signing the papers and going for a honeymoon with only your spouse, so take that option if you can. unless you come from a traditional chinese family like mine, in which case, please refer to my ranting above. good luck to you, my friend.

ANYWAY, that’s quite enough babbling.


it was naturally, a big day for all of us, since my brother is the first son of my parents, and grandson in the family.

 photo DSCF4631.jpg

the word means happiness.

 photo happiness 2.jpg

so of course must spam.

 photo happiness 1.jpg

still spamming.

 photo wedding items 1.jpg

even the apples have to be happy.

 photo DSCF4626.jpg

nemo looking grumpy in his jacket; we should have put a “happiness” sticker on him too.

 photo DSCF4625.jpg

trying to give him a pep-talk before the bridal party arrived.

“get your shit together, nemo, like literally! no shitting when everyone is here!”

 photo DSCF4629.jpg

my personal photographer (i.e. le husband) snapping a shot of me, with a flower garland in my hair which in my opinion, made me look cgls. but he made me take it off eventually, because i wasn’t a bridesmaid, and flowers in hair are, according to him, only for bridesmaids, sigh. 😦

 photo DSCF4636.jpg

my father’s photographer friend. my father seems to have many photographer friends; he got a different one for my wedding. both my brother and i actually had our own professional wedding photographers, but i guess you can never have too many photographers at a wedding.

 photo DSCF4645.jpg

my brother looking swanky.

 photo DSCF4655.jpg

and me here, looking dorky. yes, i walk like that now, inspired by my new favourite character, marion kelly, a recent internet sensation who first appeared in a bbc interview video with her dad (though her appearance was totally unplanned, and unexpected, in the cutest way).

if you haven’t seen this video, i say PLEASE GO GOOGLE IT NOW! and btw, it’s time you leave your cave, because it’s a big, big world out there, and it’s unhealthy that you are so cooped up in your own little space where cute videos apparently do not exist.

 photo DSCF4659.jpg

here comes the bride.

 photo DSCF4660.jpg

几 lomantic 一下.

 photo happy feet.jpg

i’ve never seen bridesmaids so well-coordinated in their dressing, right down to their shoes. (and i believe the one with the beige-coloured heels was the maid-of-honour.)

 photo DSCF4674.jpg

a sign of a lively home.

 photo wedding items 2.jpg

“happiness” strikes again, haha.

 photo DSCF4673.jpg

a private moment.

 photo brothers and sisters.jpg

not hard to see who were the more useful ones that day.

 photo DSCF4689.jpg

every bride’s dream.

 photo DSCF4686.jpg photo parents.jpg

the parents were the first to have their tea, thus kicking off the morning tea ceremony.

bla bla bla, fast forward to the end.

 photo DSCF4695.jpg

with photos, of course!

 photo DSCF4701.jpg

formal and boring.

 photo family.jpg

candid and (attempt to be) fun.

so that’s pretty much it for the morning. not as eventful at the groom’s place, since most parts of the action, with the gate-crash and all, happened at the bride’s side.

so let’s jump to the evening banquet.

 photo DSCF4708.jpg

first glimpse of the bride.

 photo DSCF4712.jpg

welcoming the new addition to the family.

 photo DSCF4711.jpg

exclusive shot of the march-in rehearsal.

and now…a parting shot.

 photo DSCF4714.jpg

our ootd.

sorry for the lack of photos at night, since D only came later with his own family (the photos in the morning were all taken by him), and i was too busy helping out with all the japalang stuff (you cannot imagine how much japalang stuff one has to take care of at a wedding).

all in all, it was a very happening day, and the family had a lot of fun. there was endless booze going around at the banquet (guarantee of a good party); the live band was good; my brother’s speech was sincere, funny, and tugged at my heartstrings. i missed the childhood photo montage personally done by my father, played before the march-in (where i was still busy with the japalang stuff), but i had seen it a few nights before, and i’m pretty sure i did appear in more than a few photos, so all is good, hahaha!

so yap, though my long prattling earlier about wedding ceremonies makes them sound very unnecessary, predictable, and dull, i believe many parents still insist on having one for their children because they are an opportunity to celebrate.

it’s a blessed occasion, a joyous excuse, to take time out of our busy schedule and monotonous daily life routine, to gather so as to celebrate love, kinship, and togetherness. it’s at such times that we are reminded of what is important in life.

while planning and executing a wedding takes a lot of time, effort, and money, i will say it’s totally worth it because at the end of the day, it is probably one of the most important milestones in life that can create countless fond memories for the whole family, and that alone, is priceless.

welcome to the family, lemin. and lawrance, i wish you all the happiness in the world, because you are the best brother anyone can ever ask for. love you guys. ❤


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