fridate with D

 photo DSCF4607.jpg

i have green nails now, though they are supposed to be a tinge more greyish, but oh well…i guess an ambiguous shade of green works too.

 photo green 1.jpg

D makes drinking hot tea look sexy.

 photo green 4.jpg

but i only ordered it because of my poor tummy, which has been in pain since this morning; i’m usually an iced tea kind of girl (though i don’t see why you will care).

 photo green 2.jpg

no, that does not read “ficky”, and that’s D’s gu niang green tea blossom whatever frappe, if you must know.

i wonder why the cashiers at starbucks bother asking us for our names when we place our orders, because the baristas always ignore that, and call for “green tea latte”, or “caramel macchiato”, or “java chip frappuccino” anyway. oh! i know, maybe they are afraid that they will misread the hardly legible handwriting on the cups, and end up pissing someone off by mistakenly calling them “ficky”.

ah…so it all makes sense now.

 photo green 3.jpg

back to drinking my tea then. i’ve been cutting down on sugar, i promise.

 photo green 5.jpg

and yes, this is a pointless post.

 photo DSCF4601.jpg



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