bouncy castles, dancing lights, and way too many children

D’s initial plan was to bring me to the art-science museum, because there was a one-for-one promotion for their latest exhibition. it was quite late in the evening though, so we reckoned that we wouldn’t be able to make it in time, and decided to improvise the itinerary a little, heading for something else on the way instead.

 photo art zoo.jpg photo DSCF4491.jpg

what a happy place!

it was too crowded though, so we decided to be cheapo nana and just watch it from afar, before checking out the fringe activities, namely some kind of pretentious flea market, and other i-light instalments in the area.

 photo DSCF4511.jpg photo walls.jpg

apparently, we had more fun camwhoring by ourselves, as usual.

we then ended the evening at marina square, which has transformed tremendously since we last visited the place donkey years ago.

 photo DSCF4526.jpg

now that i think about it, it was probably during the school holidays, seeing how everywhere was decked out in children’s favourites – balloons, bouncy castles, ice cream stalls, toys stands etc.

ah well…since we are not parents yet, and are not obliged to hang around this hellhole kiddy place overflowing with all these sweaty, screaming, scary children, we gleefully escaped to the farthest starbucks possible to end off the night.

 photo DSCF4471.jpg

still a lovely weekday date nevertheless, hahaha.


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