the third one to turn 30

 photo DSCF4537.jpg

we had a surprise 30th birthday for our good friend, jia ying, and it was a blast!

 photo tricia 1.jpg

mainly because we got to see our all-time favourite cutie pie, tricia, whom each and every one of us absolutely adores, hahaha.

okay wait!

jia ying’s birthday party.

it was a good one!

 photo DSCF4551.jpg

heartwarming and intimate…

 photo DSCF4538_1.jpg

personalised and cute…

 photo DSCF4541.jpg

and came with the best caterer i’ve ever tried; they serve the most mouth-watering nyonya food, especially their kuih pie tee, which i don’t usually like, but found myself wolfing down plates after plates at this party.

the best thing, though…

 photo tricia 2.jpg

tricia, of course.

we have even changed our whatsapp group icon to a photo taken of her at the party, looking especially adorable, while our group name is now aptly called TRICIA’S BIGGEST FANS, hahaha!

alright alright, i know i’m totally losing focus here, but i’m sure jia ying will not hold it against me for ruining a blog post about her party, because really…

 photo DSCF4542.jpg

who can resist this sweet bitsy-boo, right?!?!

p.s. if you are curious about the post title, jia ying is the third in our group to turn 30, with aizat and james leading the way; the rest of us continue to live with the dread of facing the inevitable day where we too, have to cross over to the dark side, JENG JENG JENG.


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