here’s to our first three months…

 photo DSC_4309.jpg

and countless more to come.

nothing much has changed since we got married, probably because our new house is not ready, and our living arrangements are still pretty much the same.

i take it as a good thing, because that means for now, the only new thing i have to get used to is referring to D as my husband, and not my boyfriend, when i tell stories about him.


it was very strange at first, i have to admit, and usually, i still ended up calling him my boyfriend half way through the story. but it’s getting better, i promise. at least i no longer notice it every time i say the word husband, or worse, stumble over it, or surprise myself so much that i become momentarily lost for words, the way i did in the first few times i had to say it. true story, hahaha.

so yes, D has been my husband for three months now.

oh but not hubby hor, please. i still cringe when i hear people say that. the only word worse than hubby is wifey; i think i will punch D if he ever calls me that.

anyway, i’m rambling again.

i just want to take this opportunity to say, happy third month, dear dave. it’s been nothing short of the most incredible being so loved and well taken care of by you, no longer as your girlfriend, but as your wife.


not wifey, please remember, thank you very much.

anyway, i didn’t think it was possible for you to dote on me even more than how you already had, but as time goes by, you never fail to surprise me, and move me with your devotion, patience, honesty, tenderness, and selflessness. from you, i’ve learned so much about life, myself, and love.

three months may be nothing compared to the lifelong commitment we have to each other, but if what we have had so far is anything to go by, i know it will be the most amazing.

so dear D, here’s to us, and the life we have together ahead of us, there is nobody else i want to do this with more, love you.


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