old is gold

unlike many true blue singaporeans, i’m not a fan of queuing, and that includes queuing for good food.

 photo DSCF4270.jpg

not even when it is a winner of the michelin’s star, nope, no thanks.

but it was a quiet friday afternoon and D had time off after his re-service.

 photo DSCF4273.jpg

which means we got to meet derek too, because he goes to the same camp.

and since the bak chor mee stall is in an old neighbourhood in lavender, what i really went for were these:

 photo DSCF4281.jpg photo DSCF4278.jpg

 photo DSCF4279.jpg

yes if you haven’t already noticed, i absolutely adore old neighbourhoods, with their unpretentious coffee shops where you know all the stall owners because you grow up on their cooking; rows of old-school hardware shops and boutiques and chinese medicine halls with so little business you wonder how they have survived for so long; pretty little gardens and pavilions, casually thrown into the middle of huge, empty courtyards – a total disregard of space limitation; ah the good old days where singapore is not an overcrowded cosmopolitan city with hardly any breathing space…ah the good old days… 🙂


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