superheroes in sydney

this is a story from sydney some time last year.

my crew and i were on our way to the airport for the return leg of our sydney flight when we passed by the powerhouse museum, and posters of the art of the brick: DC comics exhibition caught my eyes.

i promised myself that i would check it out the next time i visited the city, and it was by the stroke of luck that it was still available, extended by popular demand in fact, a few months later when i did return.

tickets were not cheap, i remember, but it was worth it, especially for a fan of super heroes. the exhibition was created by legendary lego artist, nathan sawaya, and was said to be the biggest lego artwork collection ever to feature DC comics characters, using millions of lego bricks to create more than 120 almost life-size sculptures of the most enduring characters of the justice league and their nemeses.

not bad right? and also, the price included admission to the other parts of the museum lah. but hey, who cares about that? i was here for the ten galleries of the bravest heroes and darkest evil across time and age; no time for wishy-washy, dilly-dally milling about, looking at boring art hor.

 photo DSCF2044.jpg photo DSCF2070.jpg photo DSCF2050.jpg photo DSCF2057.jpg photo DSCF2065.jpg photo DSCF2075.jpg photo DSCF2081.jpg photo DSCF2097.jpg photo DSCF2093.jpg photo DSCF2082.jpg photo DSCF2084.jpg photo DSCF2105.jpg

nice right? took me all my willpower not to post more photos; better QC on this new blog, remember?

anyway, turned out i did have time for more exploration outside the DC universe after all, since i came to the museum very early in the morning, being the typical kiasu singaporean, haha.

 photo DSCF2113.jpg photo DSCF2115.jpg photo DSCF2128.jpg photo DSCF2130.jpg photo DSCF2112.jpg photo DSCF2110.jpg

a very fascinating museum, i have to say, with galleries of art works, science exhibits and history artefacts randomly thrown together. i was so immersed in it all that i didn’t even realise that it was already closing time when the staff member went around herding all of us stragglers (probably like me, all mentally lost in the eclectic collections) out of the museum.

hahaha…what a splendid day i had in sydney! ๐Ÿ™‚


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