house of days

hello there.

it’s been a while since i last wrote, thank you for waiting, and for coming here with me.

so why have i decided to have a new blog? why no longer the name lemonbarleystrawberry?

if you haven’t already noticed, my updates on LBS have become rather slow lately, and i no longer feel inspired, or even interested to write, the way i was before. in fact, nowadays when i read my past entries, i cannot imagine how i used to have so much time and motivation for all those story themes, project ideas and photo-processing!

anyway, on a random day a few weeks back, i was reading my very first few entries on LBS when i had an epiphany – i needed a spur, a new spark, something to fire up my passion in blogging again. it eventually came down to having a face lift for LBS, or moving on to a whole new blog; it was a dreadful dilemma for me. after all, i have been using the same name since, i don’t know, my university days? or maybe even before that, so it would have been, what, ten years? (yes, i’ve been blogging for many years; definitely the longest hobby i have EVER had.)

from blogspot to tumblr to here on wordpress, i might have moved across different blogging platforms over the years, but the name has always stayed with me; almost like my personal brand, really. so you can imagine how difficult it was for me to finally decide on changing it. i knew i needed it though, a fresh start, or the writing will soon peter out.

in addition, i reckon that with the big 3-0 approaching, it’s high time i start anew. hopefully, stepping into this new stage in life will bring more fun characters and fresh topics to rejuvenate my passion in writing, and breathe life into this new blog.

while there were many other (more practical) consideration factors that went into my decision-making process, let me spare you the boring details. yup, here we are now, so hello there.

i will try to make this space as personal, fun and engaging as possible, and i definitely have to work on making it more informative and useful. photos, as usual, will be the staple, but better quality ones, maybe. D says i have to be more discerning in the choice of pictures that i post, rather than just dumping everything in like i can’t tell the good and bad ones apart, or worse, that i can’t tell that two photos are actually similar, hahaha. i guess what he’s trying to say is that it’s quality that matters, not quantity.

alright, so let’s get to the biggest question on your mind right now.

why house of days, what does the name mean? and while we are at it, how did lemonbarleystrawberry come about? yes, the latter has always been the most frequently asked question among my new readers, and i’m always very reluctant to explain (i just don’t like to explain things in general), but since we are saying goodbye, it’s better to solve the mystery once and for all; a proper closure.

now, there is no true meaning to the name lemonbarleystrawberry. and to be honest, i cannot even remember how i came up with it. it was just a random strike of idea when i was brainstorming on a new name for my blog. i am not crazy about yeo’s lemon barley drink, nor do i particularly love strawberries. it was just an idea that dropped from nowhere.

well, like i said earlier, i was very young when i first started blogging. young people don’t think very much when they do stuff, do they?

on the other hand, the name house of days is a little more meaningful, if i may say so myself. the real house of days was an art/science installation at fort mason in san francisco. it captured an image of the sky once every 24 hours, resulting in a sky diary, illustrating a day’s worth of changing light and weather. i have always been intrigued by that, ever since i came upon the structure on my first trip to the city.

so this is my version of house of days – something that encapsulates my life, pieces of my story, thoughts and memories that i share with you, my dear readers and friends, and for my own keepsake too, of course. you know how bad i am in remembering things, hahaha.

yap, that’s it then. you may want to update your bookmark now, haha. thank you for your support over the years back at lemonbarleystrawberry. i know you have enjoyed reading it, as much as i had writing it. and here’s to the equally, if not more, amazing future that we will have here at house of days.


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